ISP LAB Topology – Part 1

Below is the basic topology which we will use to build our simple ISP MPLS network, services and applications:

LABThis simple lab is to show you the basic contents of an ISP network, protocols, applications used and services that could be offered by a provider.

**You may need to bookmark this page or save the topology – if you are interested – for future usages to accomplish the below mentioned tasks**

1- Implementing the L3 protocol ISIS as the network’s IGP.
2- Building the MPLS cloud using Label Distribution Protocol LDP and assure that Edge and Core routers are exchanging labels correctly.
3- Establishing MP-BGP peering between Edge routers PE01, PE02 , PE03 and the Route Reflector P1 (Each will establish just one BGP session) for exchanging VPNv4 prefixes/Customer routes between Provider Edges PEs.
4- Implementing routing protocols between the Provider Edge & Customer Edge PE-CE routing and advertise the routes to the other side. (like shown in topology)
5- Establishing L2VPN connections between CE3 & CE4 using Any Transport over MPLS ATOM.
6- Implementing Traffic Engineering tunnels MPLS-TE:
a- Tunnel 12 (PE01-P1-P2-P3-PE02) & the required bandwidth 20 MB.
b- Tunnel 13 (PE01-p2-p1-p3-PE03), the required bandwidth 10 MB and static routes are disallowed to accomplish task 7b.

Before diving in accomplishing any task we will show a brief/revision on the used technologies and applications then dive smoothly in implementation and the configuration part.

Follow us the next few days and enjoy the moment…

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